ROXBOROUGH VILLAGE metropolitan district

On May 8th, 2018, the Roxborough Village Metropolitan District will hold an election for their Board of Directors. There are six (6) candidates to fill three (3) Board vacancies for four year terms. The candidates are:

Full Name: Robert “Bob” Clinard
Address: 7218 Red Mesa Ct.
How Long Have I Been in the Roxborough Village Community: I have been a resident of Roxborough since 2000.
My Career: Retired from Raytheon Company (2003) as Technical Director
Contributions to the Community: I have been a Board member since 2015, and previous to that I was a Board member from 2004 through 2012.  I was term limited in 2012.  In 2004, I worked with the Board to successfully pass the Bond issue that allowed the Board to reduce the RVMD property tax mil levy from 76 mils to 62 mils in 2005, and since then to 48 mils.  I have been a strong advocate for the baseball field resurfacing and the recent outfield landscaping.  I was part of the Board that secured funding from GOCO and Douglas County to augment District capital funding to build the highly recognized skate park.

Why I, Bob Clinard, am running for the Roxborough Village Metropolitan District Board: I am running for the Board to help ensure a prudent, cost-effective approach to the fiscal management of the District.  Knowing the bankruptcy history of the District and the affects Tabor has on tax increases, I am acutely aware of the financial obstacles confronting the District until the bankruptcy bonds are retired in 2021.  This experience makes me very sensitive to how the District spends its money.  As a Board member, I will apply fiscal prudence to the District’s finances.

Full Name: Jessica J. Hoffman, P.E.
Where I live (provide full physical address): 7927 Elmwood Street
How Long Have I Been in the Roxborough Village Community: Since June 2017, 10 months
My Career: Professional Engineer (9 Years), Civil Aviation Design
Contributions to the Community:  Participation in Community Social Events; Future Participation in the Annual Roxborough Community Cleanup Day and Community Garage Sale.         
Why I, Jessica Hoffman, am running for the Roxborough Village Metropolitan District Board:

  • Connect with my neighbors and integrate into the Roxborough Community.  I want to contribute to the place I live by serving as a public representative. 

  • Understand the community’s needs and concerns and provide solutions that improve the people and places in Roxborough.

  • Ensure the municipal district’s budget is spent efficiently, fairly, and for the good of the entire community.

  • Provide a voice from a technical and engineering background for dialogues with our municipal contractors.

  • Bring a new community member’s perspective to the board that would aid in the diversity of decision making.

Full Name: Debrah Prysby
Where I live (provide full physical address): 7722 Kyle Way
How Long Have I Been in the Roxborough Village Community: Since 1986
My Career: Currently an Office Administrator at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church, utilizing knowledge and skills developed through years of experience working in construction, insurance, retail and preschool.
Contributions to the Community: Some of my other community involvement includes Co-Chair of One Rox, mentor with the Rat Pack, a Girl Scout Leader of multiple troops, founding member of the Roxborough Village Boosters (starting the Easter Egg Hunt), and a member of the Roxborough Area Historical Society.

Why I, Debra Prysby, am running for re-election to the Roxborough Village Metro District (RVMD) Board of Directors: Serving as both a former and present board member of the RVMD, my goals have always been and will continue to be working toward the benefit of the village in its entirety. I have lived in Roxborough since 1986 and consider it a wonderful neighborhood and community in which to live and raise a family. I have lived (and served) through many of the challenges and opportunities our village has faced as it remains a beautiful and unique neighborhood. I look forward to continuing to serve our entire village as your RVMD Board member and will work to keep the community both attractive and strong.

Full Name: Steve Sherman

Where I live: 10585 Cross Country Lane (Chatfield Farms), formerly on Canvasback Circle.

How Long Have I Been in the Roxborough Village Community:  Since 2000, now in second home.

My Career: CDOT Civil Engineer since 1999

Contributions to the Community:

  • 2000-2010: Roxborough Village First HOA board member

  • 2001-2010 and  2014-2016: Roxborough Village Metro District Board Member and President.  During this time was part of many good initiatives, including trail and facility upgrades, Master Planning, water resource planning, restructuring of debt, and spearheading of the Skate Board Park.

  • 2011-2015: Chatfield Farms West HOA board member

  • 2011-2016: Roxborough Parent Teacher Involvement Committee (PTIC) leader of BamBam school activities and fundraisers, including Golf Tourney and Father/Daughter Dance.

  • 2016-current: Lamb Spring Archeological Preserve Board Member

Why I, Steve Sherman, am running for the Roxborough Village Metropolitan District Board:
I wish to rejoin the Roxborough Village Metro District Board because I love Roxborough, having lived here far longer than anywhere else in my life, and because I have more ideas and energy to offer for the good of Roxborough Village. 

Roxborough is a great community, but additional and enhanced amenities could improve our quality of life.  Sterling Ranch may eventually bring some such assets, but with leveraged partnerships and funds we could have earlier recreation center access in our own neighborhood.  We could also tackle the failing neighborhood fences, improve wildlife habitat, and build new recreation opportunities. 

I hope to represent Roxborough Village in what could be a coming golden age, continuing my ongoing ambition to make our community the best possible place to live. 

Full Name: R. Scott Venn
Where I live (provide full physical address):  7874 Canvasback Circle
How Long Have I Been in the Roxborough Village Community:  moved here in 1998
My Career:  Retired, former Self employed small business owner for over 35 years.
Contributions to the Community:  
Member of RVFHOA board from 1998-2000.
Helped with maintenance around the ponds.
Helped with beaver control near soccer fields.

Why I, Scott Venn, am running for the Roxborough Village Metropolitan District Board:  I have lived in my home backing up to the ponds for 20 years now.  My wife and I love it here.  I hope to help with the continued improvements in the neighborhood and help keep up the excellent quality of life we enjoy here.


Name: Ed Wagner

Address: 10552 Stable Lane

How Long Have I Been in the Roxborough Village Community: Lived in Roxborough since 2007
My Career: Ed Wagner has spent 20+ years in the healthcare industry.  He has worked in pharmaceuticals, kidney dialysis, home health, and Senior Living and Senior Care.  Ed currently runs a small company that provides free Senior Living Help to families in the area.
Contributions to the Community: He volunteered for 5 years on the board at the National Kidney Foundation, where he served as the President for Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.  Ed has also volunteered at both Roxborough Schools, the PTIC events, Rat Pack, and he currently runs a neighborhood mens group for Roxborough Dads. Ed is married, with three children, and lives in Chatfield Farms West.

Why I, Ed Wagner, am running for the Roxborough Village Metropolitan District Board: Ed’s goal is to continue to contribute to the community he holds dear.

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