ROXBOROUGH VILLAGE metropolitan district



  • Will there be an area for roller hockey?
    • There is none planned at this time. Roller hockey could occur in parking lot in
      future phase.
  • Expansive soils are known in this area
    • Soils boring and evaluation has been done by a soils engineer.
  • What kind of electrical will there be?
    • There will be no lights at skate park.
  • Ability to gate/secure skate park?
    • Park will not be gated. Resident involvement is encouraged to report undesirable
  • Don’t fence skate park
    • There is no fence around skate park.
  • Suggest groundbreaking ceremony with kids
    • Good idea
  • Hours? Residents at greenbelt are concerned about noise
    • There is a high number of skaters in the community – middle school teacher is forming a
      skate team
  • Will bikes be able to use the park?
    • Yes. Coping will be bike friendly – steel, as well as some concrete and potentially
      some stone.
  • Will there be benches at the park?
    • Yes, there will be seat boulders at the park, as well as picnic tables and a shelter
      west of the park.
  • Any car protection from the street? Road rails?
    • Nothing is planned at this time, but team will review conditions.
  • Can Design Concepts post potential donation opportunities on website?
    • DC will post site plan and skate park sketches, and can post opportunities.
  • Can we add a blue phone for emergencies?
    • Team will check into this.
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