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About Roxborough Village Metropolitan District

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Roxborough Village is located in unincorporated Douglas County, just south of Littleton and west of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Established in 1985, the District has been proudly serving the residents of Roxborough Village through the construction and maintenance of much of the community’s parks and recreation facilities. Currently, Roxborough’s 959 acres are home to over 6,000 residents. The District boasts six playgrounds, a tennis court, soccer field, softball field, basketball court and its very own skate park.  Learn more about Roxborough Village Metro District>>

What is a Metro District?

Colorado Revised Statute Title 32, also known as the Special District Act, was created to allow for the formation of districts to provide public services above and beyond what counties or municipalities may provide. The law defines ten services that metropolitan districts may provide to their residents and requires that each district provides at least two of the ten. Metropolitan Districts are mainly funded through property taxes. Currently, there are approximately 1,850 special districts in Colorado with more forming each year as urban growth expands. Learn more about metro and special districts>>