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Ark Ecological Services will conduct an herbicide application at Roxborough Village on Tuesday, Aug. 13 or Wednesday, August 14, weather permitting.

We will be applying Transline (Signal Word: Caution) and Telar (Signal Word: Caution), and possibly 2,4-D Amine (Signal Word: Danger) may be used on broadleaf weeds.  Vista (Signal Word: Warning) may also be used on Kochia if needed. Riparian areas including areas be checked and sprayed as necessary. Milestone (Signal Word: Caution), Telar (Signal Word: Caution), and possibly 2,4-D Amine (Signal Word: Danger) would be key herbicides that may be used in the riparian corridor adjacent to streams. Open areas without woody vegetation that has bindweed may be sprayed with Method (Signal Word: Caution), 2,4-D Amine (Signal Word: Danger) and possibly other tank partners.

Herbicides will be marked with a blue dye or yellow dye.  Yellow “Pesticide Warning” flags will be posted at major entrances into the open space, along trails, and at key locations to let adjacent property owners and others know about the herbicide applications.  Flags have the date sprayed, the herbicides sprayed, and the signal word posted on the back of the flag.  Please stay out of sprayed areas until dry – usually about 15 -30 minutes.


Notice of 8-15-19 Special Meeting

Basketball court repairs completed. ENJOY!

basketball pole

Basketball striping

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There will a Roxborough Village Community Event on Saturday, September 14, 2019.

Also, there will be a second Master Planning Event scheduled for July.

More information to come…